Getting started for sport lovers

Who is this guide for?

Lolly Rewards is partnering with sports associations across the UK to bring benefits of reward programs to sport lovers. We help sports associations and sport clubs to reward active members.

If you attend sport sessions regularly run by one of our partners, you may earn reward points via checking in at the venue regularly using your mobile phone. For those, who are less tech savvy, we offer alternative check-in procedures that do not involve using a smartphone.

The follow steps described below to complete the signup process.

1. Signup to Lolly Rewards

If you have just come across Lolly Rewards, use the links below to download and install our app.

Not a smartphone user?
If you do not have a smart phone, don’t worry. Please do join the scheme anyway, as there are several ways you can register your attendance at an event and collect points once you have signed up. Simply visit and follow the instructions below.

After you started the app or visited for the first time, you will be asked to sign up.

You will need to provide us with

  • a “display name”, ideally your real name, as this is how you will be addressed in future communication
  • your email address, which will serve as a unique id in the system and to which your reward points will be assigned
  • a password, that will only be used to keep your data stored locally on the phone secure
  • your consent that you read and accepted our Terms and Conditions

Click SIGN UP and follow the instructions on the screen to confirm your account.

Signing in from a new device
If you already have an account and trying to login from a new device, simply hit Already have an account? at the bottom of the dialog window.

2. Collect points via check-ins to qualified events

When you arrive at the venue of a qualified event, you will have at least one of the following options to check in

  • Scan the event’s QR code, usually placed at a publicly visible place
  • Present your electronic membership card (find it at the bottom of the Home screen) to an event organiser
  • If you do not have a smartphone, here are other ways to record your attendance.

Here is a more detailed guide to how check-ins work.

3. Keep track of your reward points

Your rewards points will be displayed after you login.

Points balance

Points balance