Getting started for event organizers

 During our trial period, a small group of coaches, club and event managers were selected to exercise the role of an event organiser. Read on…

Who is this guide for?

This getting started guide will demonstrate how event organisers can create events and track participation.

As an event organiser, it is essential to record attendance to gain valuable insight into the activity of your attendees. Our system helps you to record attendance data without the hassle of paper lists.

In this tutorial, you will learn

  1. What an event is and how to create an event
  2. How to record attendance

Before we begin

Before you proceed with the tutorial, make sure that

  1. You completed the Getting started for sport lovers tutorial
  2. You were promoted to be an event organiser (Not yet an organiser? Click here)

1 Create an event

Any activity, whether it is a weekly regular training session, or a one-off weekend competition is represented as an event. Currently, events have a title and a description. The title should be a terse headline conveying the essentials about the event, where as all the necessary details should be provided in the description. Here is a good example of an event:

Title: Fencing @ Your Club, Mondays 7-8pm
Come and join us at Your Club in Wimbledon for a our regular weekly fencing session. Address: 101 Nowhere Street, SW19 ZZZ.

Here is how you create an event:

  1. Fire up the app and login
  2. Select the rewards program you wish to create an event for
  3. Select Create event
  4. Fill in Title and Description
  5. Press Create to confirm the details you provided

After creating the event, you may want to nominate additional organisers who can help you check in attendees.

For further details on creating events, read How to create events?

2 Recording attendance

The primary use of events is to allow event organisers to record who attended a particular event with minimal effort. A check-in is a electronic equivalent of saying “X.Y. attended event SomeCoolEvent on 27/09/2014″.

There are a number of ways to allow attendants to check in to an event.

2.1 Assisted check-in

This method requires one of the organisers to actively take part in the check-in process. To check-in other people, first

  1. Start the app and login
  2. Lookup the respective event (Don’t know how to look up an event? Here is how to do it.)
  3. Select Check-in attendees

Participants, who already checked in to a previous occurrence of the event (e.g. last week), should appear in the list under Check in previous attendees and can be conveniently checked in via simply selecting them from this list.

For first time participants, who are in possession of a membership card (printed or electronic), select Check in new attendees, followed by Scan code. The app will switch to scanner mode and you may now scan the attendee’s code conveniently. After a successful scan, you need to confirm that the person’s name indeed matches the name displayed on your device.

Lastly, those participants who have not yet signed up to the respective rewards program, or fail to present their membership card for any reason, may be checked in by the event organisers, by entering their email address.

2.2 Unsupervised check-in with pending approval

If you decide, that the assisted check-in is not feasible for you, you may let the attendees to check in individually and you can approve their check-ins at a later point in time. It is important to note, that an organiser approves these check-ins, they will remain unconfirmed, and will neither be considered valid nor included into the official records.

First, you need to print the event’s QR code and place one or more copies of it at a publicly visible spot at the venue. Read the detailed instructions under How to print the event’s QR code?

Instruct the attendees to scan the event’s QR code and check in. This step is straightforward. Users simply need to select Scan code from the app’s pull-down menu and scan the QR code. You will find a list of unconfirmed check-ins under the event details. (Don’t know how to look up an event? Here is how to do it.)

Detailed instructions on approving check-ins are described here.

Read further details on the various ways of check-in under How do I check in to an event?

2.3 Recording attendance level

There are times, when taking note of everyone who attended an event individually, may be impossible. Event organisers have the option to record the (estimated) number of people who attended an event on a given day.

To record the number of people that showed up at an event

  1. Start the app and login
  2. Lookup the respective event (Don’t know how to look up an event? Here is how to do it.)
  3. Select Enter Attendance Level
  4. Enter the number of participants and optionally adjust the date of occurrence
  5. Hit Set Level to finalise it

Note: You may correct your entry up to 2 times per occurrence.

  • Ira De N’Yeurt

    I have a parent who has two children that fence at the club. How can I put them on the same email please? Also my daughter fences at a different club but is too young to have an email, can she go on my personal fencer email account and how do I do it?

    • lollyrewards


      You can have more than one person sharing an email account for the purpose of collecting reward points. Please speak to the person in charge for the club and ask them to

      1. Login to the system using the club’s email address registered with British Fencing

      2. Look up their club using the search box under British Fencing Today

      3. Go to Sign-In Attendees

      4. Add one person at the time by typing the name and email

      You can do this at any club and/or qualified event and you will ONLY need to do this ONCE per club event.

      When you sign in the next time, you will be presented with the list of people associated with that email address.

      If you have any further issue signing in, please contact us :!/contact