How to print the event’s QR code?

  You need to be an organiser of the event to be able to do this.

There are many ways to check in to events to collect reward points.
One option available to participants, is to snap the event’s QR code using the Lolly Rewards app on their mobile device.

In order order to allow this form of check-in, event organisers should print the event’s QR code and place it at a publicly visible spot at the venue.

Here are the steps to print the event’s QR code:

  1. In the app’s menu, go to British Fencing Rewards
  2. Select List of Events
  3. Find the event you wish to get the QR code for by either selecting it from the list of saved events or searching for it via the search box
  4. For the selected event, hit Show Event Code > Email Event Poster
  5. You may enter a date, which will be printed on every page of the document for your reference, or leave the Date field empty (optional)
  6. Hit Send
  7. You should see a note confirming that your membership card has been emailed to your registered email address.
  8. Print the received attached PDF document

The PDF document will also include a list of attendees who previously checked in to your event. You may use this list to manually record attendance, should all other check-in methods be unavailable at the venue.

You can use this sheet to check in attendees manually after the event.