How to create events?

 You need to be an organiser of the event to be able to do this.

Currently events only have a title and a description. Please provide further details e.g. location, date and time, whether it is a recurring event or a one-off event in the title and the description, respectively.
The title should be kept as concise as possible, ideally no longer than 40 letters. You well-known abbreviations, if necessary. Detailed information should be provided in the description.

Example 1. – A one-off event (e.g. a competition)

Title Ironman marathon – 19th Sep 2016
Our annual Marathon event.
Date: 19/09/2016, 9am
Start: Wimbledon Common
Find further information on the official webpage.

Example 2. – A recurring event (e.g. weekly session)

Title Fencing @ Your Club, Mondays 7-8pm
Come and join us at Your Club in Wimbledon for a our regular weekly fencing session. Address: 101 Nowhere Street, SW19 ZZZ.

To create an event follow the steps below.

  1. In the app’s menu, go to British Fencing Rewards
  2. Select List of Events
  3. Scroll down if needed to the buttons at the bottom of the page and select Create new event
  4. Set the event’s title and description
  5. Hit Create to save the new event

You may want to print the event’s QR code, and place it at venue at a publicly visible place, to offer participants a low-effort way to check in to your event.