How do I check in to an event?

There are many ways to check in to events in order to record your participation.

If it is the first time you are trying to check in to a particular event, you have the following options:

Scan the event’s QR code

  1. From the app’s pull-down menu, select Scan code to switch the phone’s camera into scanning mode
  2. Scan the event’s QR code while your phone is in scanning mode (click here for a screenshot)
  3. You should see the details of the event appearing on your screen
  4. By default, the app assumes that you are participating today. (Check in for past events)
 An organiser will have to review your check-in later to confirm it.

An organiser scans your electronic membership card

  1. In the app’s pull-down menu, go to British Fencing Rewards, then select Membership Card
  2. You should see your electronic membership card appear on your phone as a QR code
  3. Have your membership card scanned by one of the organisers

An organiser scans your printed membership card

  1. Make sure you have your printed membership card on you
  2. Have your membership card scanned by one of the organisers

An organiser checks you in using your email address

If you have neither the app nor your printed membership card available at the venue, as a last resort, the event organisers may offer to check you in using your email address under which your account is registered.

Also, if you do not yet have an account, it will be automatically acknowledged as a valid check-in, once you create an account with the same email address that your provided to the organisers.

If you already checked in to an event in the past, you still have all the options available to you as described above.

Additionally, you can take the following steps:

  1. In the app’s pull-down menu, go to British Fencing Rewards
  2. Select List of Events
  3. You should see a list of events you checked in to or searched for in the past. Hit Check-in for the desired event
 You may check in to any event at most once a day.
 Check-ins are reviewed and confirmed by the organiser(s) of the respective event.