How can I become an event organiser?

During our trial period, a small group of coaches, club and event managers were selected to exercise the role of an event organiser.
They may decide to nominate co-organisers to assist them with particular events.
If you are interested to become an event organiser, please contact us.

  • Moya Nelson

    I want to register to club events as an official of Orkney Fencing Club. When I registered with Lolly rewards I put in our Chair and Head Coach Dr Linda Hamilton. However it is me Moya Nelson and the Treasurer of the Club John Leith who do the It aspects. Could we become co organisers?

    • lollyrewards


      The easy way of doing this is simply asking the event organiser (i.e. Dr. Hamilton) to

      1) login using the email address registered with British Fencing

      2) use the search box to look up Orkney Fencing Club

      3) Click on nominate co-organiser

      4) Enter the email of the co-organiser

      Repeat steps 3) 4) for additional co-organisers.

      If there is any other change required that isn’t currently self-service, please contact us (!/contact).