Check in without smartphones

If you do not have a smart phone, don’t worry. Please do join the scheme anyway, as there are several ways you can register your attendance at an event and collect points once you have signed up.

Not yet a member of the reward scheme? Follow these instructions to join.

These are the ways you can register your attendance, or as we call it, to check in to an event.

1 Check in at the venue

At the venue please let the register taker / receptionist know you are a member of the reward scheme and you have joined.

1.1 Use may use your printed membership card

They may ask you to show your membership card. The instructions to print out your membership card are here. The register taker if they have a phone will scan the card.

1.2 Use your registered email address

The other way is to let them know your email address. You only need to do this once. After which is will be easier for the register taker to find you by name.

2 Check in after the event at home

The final way is for you to register your attendance after the event by checking in at home. The register taker will confirm your attendance on their screen at a later date.